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Thank You Florence, Montana

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Backyard Thank You
April 18, 2020

Thank You Florence, Montana

Now that the dust has settled, we want to reflect on today's event and the support that our community showed and give thanks where it's due.

Now that the dust has settled from today’s Customer Appreciation Day, we want to reflect on today’s event and the support that our community showed and give thanks where it’s due.

1. For those that were able to order today, THANK YOU so much for doing so and supporting us through these times.

2. For those that had to wait for your food longer than we wanted you to and longer than you anticipated to… THANK YOU for your patience, we did our best to get the quality product we strive for out as soon as possible.

3. For those that were unable to order due to us being sold out, THANK YOU for your understanding as we could not have predicted the overwhelming turn out. We will make it up to you somehow 🙂

4. THANK YOU to the Montana Beef Council for giving us the opportunity to have such an event. Your support is much appreciated.

5. To whomever called the police on us today, THANK YOU. It felt great for law enforcement to show up and confirm that we were going above and beyond the necessary processes to ensure the safety of our customers, community and staff during this crazy time.

6. A HUGE THANK YOU to our short handed staff for doing such an amazing job to get the quality food to all that ordered. It pushed the limits of our small kitchen and our staff responded in an amazing way. We applaud your efforts during these crazy times and can’t thank you enough.

Again, THANK YOU! We love you Florence, We love you Bitterroot Valley, We love you Montana!

Chris & Tessa Lynn


Spring Menu – April 2023

Spring Menu – April 2023

Our new spring menu is out. Check out the new options and some fun changes. Patty Melt, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Chicken Quesadilla, Oriental Chicken Salad, Veggie Pizza and some summer cocktails.


Monday: Our day off
Tuesday–Saturday: 11:30–9
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